Transportation - Zeballos Water Taxi

Getting around by sea with Zeballos Expeditions

Safety Plan

Water Taxi service:

1. Assess passengers—no transport if sick

2. Inform public traveling of safety precautions

3. Boat is to be sanitized before and after trips and fueling.

4. 2-meters distancing rule in effect on boat. If this is not possible, masks must be worn by skipper (Peter Demmer) and passengers. Public not allowed in cabin.

Look for signs of coughs/shortness of breath and other symptoms. Refuse service if present. Call 911 if severe symptoms are apparent.

Include Covid 19 precautions in pre-boarding safety talk. Passengers should have their own masks. If not, supply masks and advice on using them. Ensure hand sanitizing spray is available for use by passengers.

Sanitize boat using dilute bleach and water spray, paying special attention to Cabin, handrails, seats and other commonly touched surfaces. Keep a sanitation log as well as operations log.

Providing safe and reliable access to Nuchatlitz Park and Nootka Island for 22 years!

Services include:

  • Wildlife viewing and sightseeing tours
  • Kayak transport
  • Passenger service
  • Nootka Trail access
  • Freight

Please call 1-866-222-2235 for boat charter quotes to various destinations.

Current rates are for a maximum of 8 passengers.
Kayak transport prices are for a maximum of eight kayaks & people.
GST not included.

Destinations include Esperanza, Tahsis, Gold River, Friendly Cove, Nuchatlitz, Queen's Cove, Port Eliza, Weasel Creek, Oclucje, and Louie Bay.

Service between Zeballos and points in Nootka sound, sightseeing tours available. Includes Tahsis, Gold River, Esperanza, Queens Cove, Nuchatlitz, Weasel Creek. Freight service available.

Between Zeballos and  
Other destinations call 1-866-222-2235 for a quote
All prices are one-way for up to 8 passengers or 8 passengers with kayaks.
Canadian funds plus applicable taxes
Reservations strongly recommended.
Nuchatlitz $500
Louie Bay $600
Tahsis $400
Queens Cove $450
Yuquot (Friendly Cove) $600
Rosa Island $500

Zeballos Expeditions provides access to the Nootka Island Trail and the Tatchu Point hike via Water Taxi.

Between Zeballos and  
All prices are one-way for up to 8 people.  
Louie Bay
(available only mornings)
Friendly Cove (Yuquot) $600
Port Eliza $450

Call for quotes on freight: 1-866-222-2235