1,000 km Tree to Sea Loop

The 1,000 km Tree to Sea Loop is a newly established backroad system on Northern Vancouver Island. Zeballos is one of the 11 communities along the way and not to be missed, whether you just pick a short section for an epic bicycle trip or ride the whole loop on a motorcycle.

Zeballos Expeditions has been a recreation and adventure tourism service provider since 1996. We will be happy to help you make your journey an unforgettable adventure.

As you ride the Zeballos Forest Service road between Hwy 19 and Zeballos, you can admire stunning scenery, such as Pinder Peak and Masons Falls.

Or try
  • trout fishing in Wolfe, Tsiko and Mukwilla Lake
  • gold panning in our local streams
  • caving at Artlish and Huson
  • rock climbing on the Nomash Slab

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